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Benefits of Self-promotion for Individuals and Small business owners Pt. 2

If you have been following our series of articles on branding, then you can define what certain components of branding are like a champ. For the first timers on this site, a big welcome to you, a link to the article to catch you up to speed.

So we have confidently defined what brand identity is in digestible chunks, but what of BRAND IMAGE. "What is this new word you are bringing up to confuse us Andy?" Some of you might ask.

Well just as BRAND IDENTITY is part of a collective of things a brand does to influence how its audience perceives it, Brand Image is the actual result of branding; it is literally how your audience perceives your brand.

When and if BRANDING is done right, the almost guaranteed secret benefits to your BRAND IMAGE can be broken down to 8(eight) results.


1. Customer Recognition

Makes a brand stand out from its competitors.

2. Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back for more.

3. Helps Keep Marketing Consistent

A consistent brand is memorable & more effective.

4. Brand Equity

Every branded element helps build brand equity.

5. Increases Credibility

Establishes a company as a serious professional business.

6. Attracts Talent

When a business has great branding, people notice.

7. Allows Shared Values

Emotionally connect with customers creating loyalty for life.

8. Gives Confidence

A solid brand knows its values and this evokes confidence.

As the article on branding states, your end product (quality) overall is also part of the branding needs, you can not have amazing marketing collateral like brochures and websites, but a bad product and expect to garner customer loyalty. To achieve that, one would have to have a grandfather on the level of Harry Potter wizardly.